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Nick SabanThe following includes an excerpt from my new book, Life to the Fullest: A Story About Finding Your Purpose and Following Your Heart

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

“Don’t chase the money, follow your heart.”

“Find your unique purpose; that’s where you’ll find happiness and success.”

At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard variations of these phrases. They’re often repeated by speakers at graduation ceremonies or motivational seminars.

Highly-successful people from all walks of life echo these words often. They inspire us to chase our biggest dreams. They encourage us to examine our souls and ask ourselves, “What was I truly born to do?

We’re told that if we just find the answer to that question, everything else will fall into place and life will be a lot more fulfilling for us. [click to continue…]

LIFE TO THE FULLEST by Darrin DonnellyI’m excited to announce that just in time for Christmas, the latest book in the Sports for the Soul series is here!

LIFE TO THE FULLEST is a book that tackles two of life’s most important questions: how do you find your unique purpose in life and is it safe to follow that purpose once you find it?

The world’s happiest and most successful people tell us it’s ESSENTIAL that we find our true purpose in life. But it’s not always easy to figure out exactly what your purpose is.

How do you find your purpose? And, once you find it, how can you be sure that it’s “safe” to follow that path in life? This book answers these two life-changing questions.

Written as an inspirational fable in the style of previous Sports for the Soul books, Life to the Fullest reveals a simple five-step process for finding your purpose while also dealing with the questions we all have about whether it’s “safe” to follow the dreams in our hearts. [click to continue…]

Steve KerrBefore he was the head coach of the Golden State Warriors—winning two NBA championships in his first three seasons—Steve Kerr was an undersized NBA player who won five NBA titles—three with the Chicago Bulls and two with the San Antonio Spurs.

His lack of size and athleticism caused Steve Kerr to struggle with fear of failure as a player. However, he developed a specific mental technique to raise his confidence and overcome his fears and doubts… [click to continue…]

Bob Knight

Pretty much everything I write about on this site and in my books is focused on building mental toughness. That’s because the older I get and the more studies I read, the more convinced I am that your success and happiness in life is ultimately determined by how mentally tough you are.

The value of mental toughness can best be summed up by legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight, who once said: “Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.”

That’s how important it is to be mentally tough.

But what exactly is “mental toughness”?

Here’s how I would explain the concept of mental toughness:

EVERYTHING follows your mindset. And mental toughness is the ability to make your mindset work FOR you instead of against you.

Most people have no idea how much their own mindset is working against them.

This data from Pat Williams, the senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, shows us just how important it is to win the battle within our minds…

[click to continue…]

Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, and Jack HarbaughJohn Harbaugh is one of the top active coaches in the NFL. As head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, he has the second-most playoff victories since 2008, he’s led his team to three AFC Championship appearances, and his team won Super Bowl XLVII.

Jim Harbaugh is one of the top active coaches in college football. He has been named both the college football Coach of the Year (in 2010) and the NFL Coach of the Year (in 2011). Currently the head coach at Michigan, his alma mater, Jim Harbaugh led the Wolverines to a Top-10 finish in each of his first two seasons.

Together, John and Jim Harbaugh were the first pair of brothers to serve as head coaches in the NFL. In an incredible feat that will likely never again be repeated, the two brothers faced each other in Super Bowl XLVII.

The Harbaugh brothers’ success in coaching was undoubtedly passed down from their father, Jack Harbaugh. [click to continue…]

John CalipariThe more I study the lives and inner beliefs of the world’s most successful people, the more I notice a common theme: they dream BIG dreams. Their goals and dreams are what most people would call unrealistic, impractical, or crazy.

But these high achievers don’t care what other people say.

They dream big, crazy dreams and they ignore anyone who tells them those dreams are too big or too unrealistic.

John Calipari is one of those achievers and he stresses the importance of dreaming big and ignoring the naysayers… [click to continue…]

Urban MeyerUrban Meyer believes that the difference between winning and losing isn’t as complicated as people might think.

On any given Saturday, any number of variables will factor into a game’s outcome, but Coach Meyer believes there is one variable that is more important than all the rest. There is one variable that accounts for the single biggest difference between winning and losing… [click to continue…]

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