What Champions Read

Lou HoltzMomentum is an important factor in achieving our goals.

There are times when we find ourselves on the positive side of momentum where it seems like we can do no wrong as we pile up victories or sales. At other times, we find ourselves on the negative side of momentum where it feels like everything is going against us and we just can’t stop the bleeding. We find ourselves wondering, what do I have to do to regain my momentum and get back on track?

The good news is that, like most things that determine our success or failure, momentum is a choice we get to make. Lou Holtz explains… [click to continue…]

Mike KrzyzewskiYou’ll never be successful if you can’t first define exactly what success is.

And as Coach Mike Krzyzewski points out, while each individual’s outward goals can be—and should be—different, everyone should share the same ultimate definition of what success is… [click to continue…]

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