Three Words That Will Change Your Life

Merril HogeNever underestimate the power of self-talk. How we talk to ourselves generates positive energy or negative energy, confidence or insecurity, an “I can do it” attitude or a “poor me” attitude.

Former NFL running back, current NFL analyst, and inspirational cancer survivor Merril Hoge offers three life-changing words that need to be at the forefront of your self-talk repertoire…


Those three words taught me that regardless of past or present circumstances, your future path is not paved before you. You pave it as you go, and the materials you use are up to you.

You can pave it with fear, apathy, and self-pity.

Or you can pave it with courage, resilience, and an undying spirit.

The gift bestowed to every one of us is our will. It can be given away but it cannot be taken away, no matter what. And at the end of every day—and every life—what you have done with the gift determines whether you are an ordinary or extraordinary person.

The extraordinary find a way.

– Merril Hoge, from his book Find a Way

Whenever you’re worried about what the future holds or whether you’ll be able to achieve your biggest dreams, tell yourself, “FIND A WAY to get it done.”

Whenever you get blindsided by unexpected bad news or an unforeseen obstacle, tell yourself, “FIND A WAY to overcome it.”

Whenever someone tells you it can’t be done or you don’t have what it takes, tell yourself, “I’ll FIND A WAY.”

Whenever you feel lost and confused and you’re not sure what to do next, tell yourself, over and over, “FIND A WAY.” You’ll be amazed at how your subconscious then offers up solutions.

Find a way today. Find a way every day.