Relentless Optimism – The New Book from Sports for the Soul

I’m excited to announce that Relentless Optimism, my latest book in the Sports for the Soul series, is here! This book addresses an important topic that affects every area of a person’s life: attitude.

Specifically, this book tackles the topic of positive thinking

– How can you use “positive thinking” to change your life for the better?

– Why is so much of what you’ve heard about positive thinking wrong?

– And, what specific positive-thinking techniques have been proven to deliver results in a person’s life?

Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. Study after study proves this. Researchers have found that optimistic people live longer, live healthier, have more energy, have more successful careers, make better decisions, are more productive, are less stressed, have healthier relationships, and (not surprisingly) are much happier than pessimists.

However, a lot has been misunderstood about what it means to be a positive thinker and what it takes to maintain an optimistic outlook.

It requires more than repeating feel-good platitudes to make positive thinking work in your life. And simply “thinking positive thoughts” won’t protect you from life’s challenges. That’s wishful thinking—not positive thinking—and I cringe whenever I hear someone suggest otherwise.

To make positive thinking work in your life, it takes discipline, commitment, and a proper understanding of what optimism really means in a world that is constantly throwing new challenges at us.

This is a book for anyone who has ever questioned whether positive thinking really “works.”

It’s also a book for those who have tried to develop a more positive attitude, but have found it easier said than done when it comes to eliminating the voices of fear and doubt.

This is a book for anyone who wants to put optimism to work in their life with PRACTICAL, PROVEN techniques.

Relentless Optimism is set in the world of professional baseball—a sport where the most successful batters fail seventy percent of the time and the most successful teams have to endure sixty losses or more each season. To succeed in baseball, you must learn not how to avoid failure, but how to quickly bounce back from it—with optimism and perseverance.

That is what positive thinking is all about. It’s about responding to life’s obstacles with a positive, never-back-down attitude.

It’s true in baseball. It’s true in life.

In this book, you’ll meet Bobby Kane, a minor league baseball player who, at the age of 31, is coming to terms with the fact that his dream of making it to the majors is finally coming to a disappointing end. After more than a decade of battling through ill-timed injuries and unlucky setbacks, Bobby has had enough.

His dream, he believes, was not meant to be.

But, life has a way of throwing us life preservers right when we need them. And Bobby Kane’s life preserver comes in the form of an unconventional manager named Wally Hogan.

On the surface, Wally may look like your typical former-big-leaguer-turned-minor-league-manager, but Bobby quickly realizes that he’s never had a manger quite like Wally.

More mental coach than baseball manager, Wally teaches Bobby that if you want to change your life, you have to first change your thinking.

As you’ll see in this book, developing a positive mindset gives Bobby a renewed chance to make his dreams come true—not just in baseball, but in all areas of his life.

Wally teaches Bobby what it means to be an optimist and what it takes to maintain a positive attitude through the ups and downs of life. He teaches him proven, real-world techniques for building and sustaining optimism.

These methods have an immediate impact on Bobby’s life and they will have an immediate impact on yours as well.

This book will show you just how powerful a positive attitude can be and it will teach you how to use positive thinking to make your biggest dreams come true.

Grab your copy of Relentless Optimism here and please let me know what you think of it. I truly believe that this book has the power to change the way you think and improve ALL areas of your life.